2021 Dan and Dave Variety Box
2021 Dan and Dave Variety Box

2021 Dan and Dave Variety Box

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Every now and then we take a trip into our vault to assemble a brick of cards we feel is necessary for the serious pasteboard aficionado to own. The cards may coincide with seasonal aesthetics, luxurious essentials, or rare offerings previously unavailable. Either way, each set of twelve has been hand picked - they’re a curated selection of the decks we’re currently using, and the decks we wash our hands for before handling. The integrity and balance of each brick is essential; each deck works visually with the other eleven to create a cohesive set of cards for any time, place, or collection.

May 21, 2021 Update: The current Variety Box collection features the following decks; If an octopus could palm v2, Sons of liberty Blue, vintage plaid red and blue, gaslamp special edition box, antler black, makers pr, drifters black, ultimate deck, smoke x Anyone, bruce lee, aviator heritage ed.