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Take a ride on the wild side and see what happens! Our mystery decks are a surprise to you when you receive them. Inside each package is a random deck out of a pool of a lot of great decks.

Each mystery deck is worth at least $12, and many decks worth more than that are thrown in. Also, some very rare decks will be thrown into the mix as well. Not only is this a great value, but it's a lot of fun to open these. What do you have to lose?

List of rare decks:

1x Smoke and Mirrors Box set
1x Smoke and Mirrors Private Reserve
1x GILDED Anyone Holographic Mirrors
1x standard Anyone Holographic Mirrors
1x Anyone Mirrors
1x Blue Fontaine
1x Anyone OG Red Dot
And others...

The Smoke and Mirrors box set has 6 decks in it, and will replace a random customer's 6 decks (in a purchase of 6 decks or more). If you do not get the box set, your 6 decks are still eligible for all of the other rare single decks.

Each deck will be chosen at random, so even we don't know what you're going to get. Tag us on Instagram (@decks.on.decks) with what you receive and we will repost it!