RANDOM Deck! Only $5

RANDOM Deck! Only $5

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Get a random deck worth $5 or more! When you purchase this item, I will grab a deck of cards from our inventory that is worth at least $5 and send it your way.

Most of the time the deck is worth $5-$12, but randomly I will grab a more expensive/rare deck. This is a great way to buy new decks and get something fun in the mail. Also great for collectors who are just starting out because you get a discount on new decks that will join your collection.

Unlike our mystery decks, I know which deck you will be receiving. Also, this will not come in a red bag but will still come in a DS1 sleeve. Also unlike our mystery decks, these will continuously be available.

Also, because I am choosing them, I will make sure there are NO DUPLICATES!

Good luck everyone!