Signed Orbit Deck V3 (Third Edition)
Signed Orbit Deck V3 (Third Edition)
Signed Orbit Deck V3 (Third Edition)
Signed Orbit Deck V3 (Third Edition)
Signed Orbit Deck V3 (Third Edition)
Signed Orbit Deck V3 (Third Edition)
Signed Orbit Deck V3 (Third Edition)
Signed Orbit Deck V3 (Third Edition)

Signed Orbit Deck V3 (Third Edition)

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The 3rd edition of the Orbit deck!

    Here is what Orbit Brown himself has to say about this deck:

    "I made 2500 decks the last two times, this time around I decided to up the dosage since the demand is much higher now. I printed 7500 decks and only now am I starting to see that maybe even this was too small of an order for the demand I’m seeing. The blue Orbits sold out in a few months, the red Orbits sold out in 6 days. I’m noticing a trend here. I’m not sure how quickly the third Editions are going to sell out but we’ll see. I have no expectations going into this. I have heard of unopened blue Orbits going for $40-$50 on eBay. I told you guys a long time ago that I’ll keep making more Orbits, thus making the value of all the previous Orbits go up.

    Ok, let’s get into whats different about the Third Edition Orbits.


    Obviously. I went through dozens of different shades in the prep of this deck and I kept finding one I liked more. I finally arrived at this color and I instantly fell in love. A sharp purple that has high saturation seems like it’s trying a bit too hard to capture your attention. That’s why I love this matte purple, it doesn’t look like it’s trying hard to get you to look. Which makes me want to look at it more. It feels as soft as it looks. It’s a very relaxing shade.


    Yes, that’s right. I wanted to give you more than just a new color. I want each Orbit deck moving forward to feel different and fresh all while staying true to the original design. You deserve all of my effort to give you something new. I feel that I should earn your support for every new Orbit deck rather than just using the momentum from previous decks. The back design was stripped to it’s bare bones with just the circle and the circle of pyramids around the main circle. I gave this open canvas to none other than the talented Daniel Schneider. He has had a pretty constant hand in the Orbit decks. He designed the 2nd/3rd edition Ace, the joker, icons on 2nd and 3rd Edition box, and now the third edition back design. This time around we decided to include Carl the joker on the back design. The intricate and minimal lines make it look detailed without looking cluttered and taking attention away from the circle. I wanted to keep the center of attention on the main circle and make sure nothing else was competing with it. We went through a few different renditions before we came to this final design.


    After feeling a lot of new decks these days I came to grow very fond of the thin crushed bicycle stock. Normal bicycle stock is pressed normally during the production process. But there are ways to crush them down even harder to make the cards a bit thinner. The difference is very obvious to the average card handler. They spring, fan, and spread easier than ever before. There aren’t too many decks that have this stock these days but if you have felt the blue DKNG deck or the Pink Flourish deck, they feel very similar. They handle like butter.


    This was my first time using a traditional cut on the cards. The seasoned card expert can tell the difference. The Richard Turner deck was also traditionally cut and those who have handled those can certainly feel the smoothness in the faros.


    My favorite deck before the Orbit deck was the Arrco deck. So naturally I grew to love the more rounded pips and different face cards that the Arrco decks have. I asked USPCC if we could bring the spirit of Arrco back by putting that exact package into the third editions. Also, you’ll notice that the third edition Orbits have a slightly larger center pip on the Ace of hearts, diamonds, and clubs. 23% larger to be exact. Naturally. 

    Whats the same?

    Duplicate 8 of spades, double backer, and identical jokers. This setup has been a staple in all the Orbit decks. The philosophy behind this is that every card in this deck is usable. Also, the usability is not 1 dimensional. You can use these extra cards in countless effects.


    Yes, many of you already know that I love one way decks because when you see the secret marking on the back design you can tell whether the card is facing up or down. It is extremely subtle but easy to see once you know what you’re looking for. This comes in handy very often when performing magic. I made it even easier to spot the one way this time around with a 23rd star within the star belt. I’m sure you’ll find it on your own."