White Regalias by Shin Lim
White Regalias by Shin Lim
White Regalias by Shin Lim
White Regalias by Shin Lim
White Regalias by Shin Lim
White Regalias by Shin Lim

White Regalias by Shin Lim

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Here is one of my favorite decks, the White Regalia deck by Shin Lim. Not only does it handle very well, but it is gorgeous.

Here is what Shin had to say about this deck:

"Resplendent in beauty!

The second edition to the Regalia Playing Cards series. From the creative mind of Shin Lim and printed in Belgium by Cartamundi, comes a one-of-a-kind deck that was first introduced last year with an overwhelmingly positive response.


The box is made from two protective pearlized white casings, with an inner and outer cellophane wrap. These individually gold-foiled cards are sealed to withstand any extreme heat or humidity during shipment. Our priority for the Regalia series has always been quality. Each card has been carefully hot stamped with gold foil and then protected with a true B9 finish, thus to not compromise the feel and fluidity with each shuffle or flourish.


Created for the magician in mind, every card in the deck has been designed to look standard (with the exception of the Jokers and Ace of Spades). Subtle changes, however, have been added to the court and number cards. Examples run from minor details like the stem of the spade, to the borders of the face cards. Each small alteration gives a sense of elegance every time you open the deck.


Inspired by Russian art and specifically from the paintings on the walls of the historic Hermitage museum, the Regalia back design is a perfect balance of complexity and minimalism.

Made for the card table, or just as decoration, the Regalia is a timeless masterpiece that will compliment your current collection."